Postcard Print and Mail Service

We supply custom four-color printed postcards personalized with your website URL and optional contact information. Our price includes printing, mailing list rental, data processing, postage, and delivery to the Post Office.

Best Mailing Lists
We use only the best mailing lists—hotline responder names chosen specifically for this type of offer. We track results and constantly refine list selection, insuring that your postcards go to the most responsive prospects. We remove any duplicates when we combine names from multiple lists, and we remove any names that we know were recently sent the offer.

Mailed First Class
The names for your mailing are selected by random zip code so they represent a cross section of the entire country. The postcards are addressed and presorted for discounted 1st class postage and mailed under our mailing permit.

Quick Turnaround Time
Mailings normally go out within 7 working days from our weekly cut-off time of Thursday at 8am PST. That means your mailing normally goes out the following Friday, but holidays and other factors can sometimes make it a few days later.

We will confirm your mail date with a paid invoice emailed to you after your postcards are mailed. If you reside in the USA, we will also mail you a sample of the postcard on the mail date so you'll know when your prospects are receiving the postcards.

Price Schedule

Quantity Mailed Postcard Package Presorted Postage Total Amount  Price  Each
500 $272 $150 $422 .84
1000 $347 $300 $647 .65
2500 $802 $750 $1552 .62
5000 $1447 $1500 $2947 .59
7500 $2102 $2250 $4352 .58
10000 $2697 $3000 $5697 .57

We use PayPal for secure payment processing. All major credit cards are accepted.

How to Order

Choose a postcard image and enter the 3 digit offer code in the payment link below where you select your quantity.

Fill in the URL box telling us the exact website URL you want printed on the postcards. It can be up to 40 characters long. It must be operational. We will not process your order until it is. We can also add an optional 2nd line of text such as your phone number or recorded message. Fill in the Phone Info box with this text.

Click the Buy Now button to proceed to PayPal to make your payment. If you do not have an account with them, one will be set up automatically when you complete the form.

Enter URL:
Offer Code:

Postcard Printing Only

We also offer postcards printed and shipped to you for your own mailing or distribution. Our prices include shipping to your billing address in the USA. They are printed and shipped within 4 business days of your order.

Select the print and ship payment link and then follow steps 2 and 3 above. If you need a different quantity, contact our support department. Prices are $87 for 500, $117 for 1,000 and $197 for 2,500.  Be sure to also enter the 3 digit offer code in the payment link below.

Quantity Mailed Postcard Package Presorted Postage Total Amount Price  Each
500 $272 $150 $422 .84
1000 $347 $300 $647 .65
2500 $802 $750 $1552 .62
5000 $1447 $1500 $2947 .59
7500 $2102 $2250 $4352 .58
10000 $2697 $3000 $5697 .57

Click the postcard image to download a PDF sample.

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